Announcing Our New Bath Collection!

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind, from the conception of Giftonomy UK, which involved building a warehouse from scratch and designing our website, to today, when I have the honour of announcing our brand new Bath Collection!

Drift away into a Tropical Paradise with our Watermelon, Pineapple and Strawberry Bath Bombs and Soap Slices, or step back in time into your favourite childhood sweet shop with our Coconut Ice Soap Slice and Bubblegum Glitter Bath Bombs. 

Our entire Bath Collection is handmade in the UK with ingredients inspired by nature, gift wrapped in house and sent to you with care. I'm personally so invested in these products because with our customers' help, Giftonomy UK can support local, UK based businesses who hand craft our bath products with so much skill and passion.


If that wasn't enough, we have a whole new stock of popular unicorn themed items from rainbow unicorn money boxes to mystical manicure sets! Why not take a candle-lit bath with our unicorn tea lights and treat yourself to a unicorn bath bomb at the same time?


Thank you so much for your support and keep an eye out for our Inspirations page due to launch this month, your do-it-yourself guide to creating hampers from our fabulous range!

Happy shopping!

Rebecca x

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