Bouquets for beginners: A quick guide to all things floral

Flowers have been seen as somewhat of a cliché over the years, with almost every rom-com attempting to make fun of their popularity. Yet, like all good clichés, they came into existence for a reason: because people resonate with the message it provides. In this case, giving flowers as a gift can mean a myriad of things, from appreciation as a Mother’s Day gift, to a sincere apology bouquet from a loved one.

The best gifts, of course, come from the heart and what better way to decide on which bouquet of flowers to buy, than to check out the meanings behind the flowers and choose the best flowers for your loved ones, from there.


The staple of any good florist is a well-crafted bouquet of roses- but did you know that meaning of a rose can change, depending on the colour and number you opt for? Indeed, while a single, red rose can indicate a hidden affection from a secret admirer, a dozen red roses show true love.

Meanwhile, a white rose evokes purity, chastity and innocence- and can be the perfect accompaniment to a bouquet of flowers for a new mum. Similarly, pink roses show a gentle admiration and joy, with connotations of elegance and grace.

Yellow roses signify friendship and kindness and make for a great gift for those platonic relationships, while orange roses symbolise passion and energy, expressing pride and desire- which makes them a great choice if you’re looking for a gift for a newly-promoted work buddy.


Sunflowers have been one of the most-loved flowers through the ages- even Incan priestesses wore imagery of sunflowers, made of gold, on their garments! Signifying an uncommon beauty, sunflowers are a great way of showing your appreciation for someone- warts and all.

Meanwhile, in China, the sunflower is considered to represent long life and good luck, while the vibrant yellow evokes feelings of vitality and intelligence. All-in-all, this is a great option for those moving up in the world, however that may be.


The common theme in the meaning of the carnation is to represent love, fascination and distinction- but that’s not all. Like roses, the colour of the carnation you’re looking to gift can mean many different things, which are as follows:

  • Red: Deep love and admiration
  • White: Pure love and luck
  • Purple: Unpredictability

There are also considerable meanings attached to the gifting of carnations, too. For example, in China, carnations are the most common flowers used in weddings and, in Japan, red carnations symbolise a mother’s love and is the most common flower given for Mother’s Day. They’re also the official flower for Mother’s Day in the US.


The meaning of tulips is one of the widest varieties in almost any flower. Ranging from royalty to an 11th wedding anniversary, the overall theme of these beliefs is the everlasting, enduring love- both in the romantic capacity and in terms of friendship.

Despite being known for their relationship to the Dutch, they were actually introduced by the Turkish in the 1600’s, having been cultivated since the 13th century. They were, at one point, considered as a currency and therefore picking one was considered a crime.


Lilies never truly go dormant, which is one of the reasons why the strength and versatility of the Lily has solidified its reputation as one of the most-loved flowers around. Both Greeks and Romans also used the humble Lily in their myths and legends and even the name “Lily” comes from the name “Leirion”, being one of the first words ever used to mean “flower”.

With such an extensive background, it’s easy to understand how lilies can represent such a wide variety of meanings. Since these meanings surround motherhood, fertility, natural beauty and youth, it’s easy to see how the meaning, in it’s most general term, is about fresh beginnings and the beauty of nature.


Chrysanthemums are one of the lesser-known flowers but are, surprisingly, in so many different arrangements that it seems we simply do not do them enough justice by discussing their beauty and deeper meanings.

Representing platonic love and non-romantic affection, Chrysanthemums symbolise a long-lasting devotion to a friend or loved one. They show loyalty and devotion and are commonly used to represent a cheerful new beginning after an extensive trial or hard period in a person’s life.


Available in many bright and vivacious colours, the Gerbera species of flower are somewhat of an unknown in terms of common knowledge, much like our previous entry. Again, they can form the backbone of a beautiful arrangement and come with some truly lovely meanings that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Speaking of which, with the Germinis bright and infectious appearance, you can understand how the meanings of the humble Gerbera can represent celebration in life. The common yellow colour indicates overall happiness, while pinks show adoration and high esteem of those you gift them to. Meanwhile, orange symbolises warmth and enthusiasm, while purple show elegance and pride.


Commonly referred to as Baby’s Breath, Gypsophillia is commonly seen in white but is actually available in numerous colours. Many associate these with weddings, as they were commonly used in almost every centrepiece and wedding bouquet around the world for years- although they initially came as a representation of the Holy Spirit during a union.

Recently, however, their popularity has waned somewhat, and other meanings are coming into play. Namely, the reconnection with lost family members, the birth of newborn children and the freedom of corruption from outside sources. If you, or your loved one, have recently shaken a bad experience, gifting Gypsophilia or Baby’s Breath might be the best option for you.


Taking its name from Ancient Greece, the Eustoma was originally popular as charm- with wearers hoping to ensure a loved one, while wearing it. The name is broken down to mean “Eu”- good and “stoma” mouth and, as such, was hoped that it would bring charm and charisma to those who wore them, as well as those who were gifted a Eustoma.

These days, these flowers represent a building of social standing, as well as encouraging the giver to build friendship and focus on what they have achieved in the world, thus far.


Also known as the “Sea Holly”, thanks to its Greek etymology, the Eryngium is a hardy plant that handle the toughest sea storms and droughts alike. They can vary in colour from a deep blue through to a deep, chocolate brown and look great when dried, as they don’t lose their shape.

With it’s long stem and deep, passionate colours, this flower represents the stoic charm of those who have been gifted the Sea Holly. If you know someone who is tough but fair, this is the flower for them!


The Delianne is another form of Chrysanthemum but comes with it’s own, special meaning; one of hope. First used in China as a headache remedy, these are the flowers of choice for those have undergone hardship and are looking to move on. Used in remembrance, they are perfect for those who wish to pay respect to loved ones or show friends and family that there is hope anew, and to not give up hope.


A common option in memorials and remembrance of loved ones, Statice flowers connote sympathy and dignity. The most common colour- blue- is revealed to show a deep trust and intimacy, as well as peacefulness, while yellow signifies respect and friendship.

Naturally, it doesn’t always come down to flower meanings, but what your loved one prefers. Our bouquets are designed to be beautiful floral arrangements that are sure to wow on delivery. Indeed, surprising someone special by having flowers delivered is a great way to show them that they are in your thoughts- especially when they least expect it.

As an example, knowing your flowers and their meanings can make the difference between a lame apology and one that truly speaks to those you care for.  So why not add in a personalised message with your flower delivery, explaining why you chose your preferred bouquet. Simply add your ideas in our message box and we’ll take care of the rest!

Wendy Young

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