My name is Rebecca, although my friends call me Bex, and a year ago I was stuck in a boring, but secure, 9-5 job with huge dreams I simply couldn't achieve whilst stuck behind that desk.

So, in July 2017, I packed in my job to spend more time with my little boy whilst I researched current product trends, and then in September 2017, I piled what little money I had into stock, gratefully let my future father in law turn my shed into a mini warehouse, and planned market stall displays for events with my future mother in law. I was ready to build a business with my family all standing behind me.

We are well and truly a family run business. We now operate out of a proper warehouse as opposed to the shed at the bottom of the garden, and from our busy family home. Customer service is my passion, so I make it my mission to deal with customer enquiries, complaints, requests and orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. I source the products, upload them to the website, package orders and ship them to our customers myself, occasionally checking in with my fiance for an opinion and some moral support. When it's not too cold, I drag him to the warehouse with me to do the inventory count, but we always get back in time for a proper hearty dinner, homemade by yours truly!

We now also have a permanent, physical micro-store, located within the Barn Craft Village on Wisbech Road, Long Sutton, Norfolk. You can find me pottering in there several times a week, checking stock, tweaking displays and posting live to our Facebook Page!

We aim to support charities and local causes, and we use eco friendly packaging materials to care for the planet. We are a small business run by small people trying to make a difference. Thank you for supporting us every step of the way.