The Orb Planner - Mulberry
The Orb Planner - Mulberry

The Orb Planner - Mulberry

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Welcome to The Orb Planner

A message from the creator, Emma Watson:

The simple, task focused planner you need to get stuff done! We have taken away all the fuss and fancy, put in the bits we need to keep a clear view, mixed it up a little and created this. A planner for the most determined and driven of us. Those who appreciate the art of simplicity and thrive on clean lines, un-embellished layouts and elementary order. Although designed as the only planner to fit perfectly with The Planning Circle method, it will run seamlessly alongside many methods and lives. I am proud to bring to you the very first Orb Planner. Straight from my heart.

How The Orb Works for You

A simple plan needs a simple planner. The beauty of both The Circle and The Orb is their simplicity. The Orb’s weekly layout carries long daily hour ranges to allow for those long days without difficulty. It brings you the 2 minute task space for extra super productive power!

The top 12 and migration boxes bring your focus to the really important stuff you have to do each week. Their positioning on the page helps to remind you often and helps pull you away from procrastination.

Your Dome Dump and Priorities pages are for just that: spilling out the contents of your brain, all of the stress and weight of burden. Then, for prioritising those tasks.

Your Monthly Review pages are there to help you to up your planning game every single month until you have perfected it - looking back over what you’ve done already and forward to what you can do next.

The Specs

Available in Autumn/Winter colours of Mulberry and Saffron, this user-friendly A5 planner is just over 230 pages long. Featuring 52 double page weekly spreads, 52 Dome Dump and Priorities pages, and 12 double page monthly review spreads, this planner will keep you organised for a full 365 days. What's more, the planner comes with space to write in your own dates, so you can start at any time of the year.

It's the must have planner for all busy parents, professionals and procastinators - with The Orb you'll kick the habit of putting tasks off, in no time. It also makes the most thoughtful gift for your friends with hectic lifestyles. With The Orb, not only can you present them with a beautiful hardback addition to their home office, but an opportunity to achieve more.

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